BENNU STRAND: The World Inside

Book One



       In my Science Fiction/Fantasy epic Bennu Strand I explore the idea humanity may have risen to heights of technological advancement in previous eons, a past possibly buried by global cataclysms, war (technology) or immense time. I write Speculative Fiction (science fiction/dark fantasy) stories rooted in ancient mythologies of the prehistoric world, an area of cosmological human history yet to be honestly and honorably explored, thereby lending to the idea that truly original and unique science fiction/fantasy writing and story ideas are still possible to imagine. It's often said there is nothing new under the sun... Well, what if our ideas about our world based on what we've been taught were inaccurate? Is there really a Hollow Earth? Is the earth really a globe? Is there an ever expanding infinite universe or an infinite level plane? Is there life on other planets or life in other planes? Could we as a species in the remote past have reached greater heights of technological advancement than we have today, only to have had the same technology destroy civilization, leaving behind numerous mysterious ancient ruins as evidence? There are plenty of original Science Fiction/Fantasy stories left to be told. The first epic story in my original series Bennu Strand: The The World Inside Book One, now available for online purchase.  Click PREVIEW for a sample, click BUY to purchase direct from Createspace or Amazon. Now available through Amazon Kindle.


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